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Thai Apparel Industry continues to contribute revenue to Thailand and is the largest employment industry. Ministry of Commerce and Thai Garment Manufacturers Association (TGMA) agreed to establish Thai Garment Development Foundation in 1993 to increase Industry competitiveness in the global trade.
As a central point of industry development, Thai Garment Development Foundation has concentration on consulting& coaching, in- house and public training, seminar and forum services in four areas as following: Organization and HR Development, Logistic& Supply chain management and Education Development, Productivity and Technology Development and Design, Brand and Retail Development. And to complete the entire needs of industry, we offer additional services for instance pattern, grading and design service and industrial engineer on contract basis.
Vision and Mission

To be the top of mind organization by delivering competitiveness solutions in cooperating with global alliance for Asian Apparel Business
Response client needs to increase apparel industry competitiveness by increasing value added and reducing costs

What is SHARE?
Thai Garment Development Foundation developed a brand name



to represent our identity and reflect our organization culture which consist of




 Thai Garment Development Foundation Committee

In achieving our Vision and Mission, SHARE is operated under the supervision of General PichitrKullavanijaya, President and a board of directors, ExecutiveManagement and Qualification persons from both government and private such asthe undersecretary of Ministry of Commerce, the director general of Departmentof Foreign Trade, the director general of Department of Export Promotion,  thedirector general of Department of Industry  Promotion, the rectors ofRajamangala University of Technology, the rector of Kasetsart University, thehonorary secretary of Committee vocational education commission,  the director,Office the non-formal education commission, the director general of Departmentof skill development,  the director general of NSTDA, the honorary secretary ofNESDB and TGMA vice-president, and committee.